About the Blog

Interior & lifestyle blog with a nature bias

Soonafternoon is a blog that supports, inspires and celebrates designers, creators, founders and makers doing things with nature in mind.

It supports by giving a voice and a platform to beginners. It inspires through interviews by those who are already making it big. And it celebrates through the art of storytelling.

I call it a marriage between design, entrepreneurship and mother nature. 

I have always loved beautiful design. Interior spaces with atmosphere, architecture that delights and beautifully created pieces. I often struggled with my desire for beautiful things and my resistance to consumption or my adoration of interior places while yearning for the outdoors.

This blog is my attempt to reconcile these opposing forces. It celebrates the spaces where we live, make and create while seeking to re-unite us with mother earth. To bring nature back into the home and to consider the planet in our entrepreneurial pursuits.

I hope these stories will inspires people to action on their dreams and perhaps to ultimately challenge the way things are done. 

About me

My name is Barbara. I’m a Berlin based photographer with a passion for beautiful spaces, interior design and nature.

As the author and creator of Soonafternoon, I spend most of my days finding stories and creating content for the blog.

I also work as a photographer and interdisciplinary creative. On my studio page you’ll find more details about all the services I offer and how I can help your business communicate beautifully.

Recent clients: Yun, Made, L’Osteria, Sandemans, Beets&Roots, Browns, Vieri

For projects and content collaborations, write to me at hello@soonafternoon